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Lending Science DM

About Lending Science DM

For 15 years, the LSDM family of companies has evolved to service the B2C sector with a broad range of services for customer acquisition.

LSDM’s core business unit remains turn-key direct marketing services for lending organizations. We craft modeled pre-screened credit bureau data solutions, to select the ideal consumers for lending campaigns.

With a successful track record for lenders of every type and process, we have go-to scalable, profitable solutions for every loan product and paradigm, including:

  • Short-Term Installment Loans AKA Small, Personal & Signature Loans
  • Single Payment Loans (“Payday”)
  • Automotive Lending & Title Loans
  • Mortgage (including VA, Conforming, FHA, HECM)
  • Student Lending
  • Tribal Lending
  • BankFi Model
  • Debt Consolidation and Settlement

Insurance Science DM

The ISDM division manages turnkey marketing programs for insurance industry organizations, including dozens of carriers as well as agencies. Our experience spans Medicare Advantage marketing, LIS, DSNP, U65 Healthcare (ACA) Plans, Final Expense, Automotive, Whole & Term Life, Homeowner, Property & Casualty.

Better Plan Benefits

BPB, our wholly-owned subsidiary focuses on lead generation and performance marketing for healthcare plan sales, including Medicare Advantage plan marketing. BPB delivers live consumer-dialed calls, warm call transfers, and live API pushes for healthcare, as well as lending and debt.

Scoring Solutions

Acquired in 2017, the risk division, formerly Scoring Solutions, Inc, is well-known in the lending industry for our Score360 product, and generally specializes in model validation and universe scoring.

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